Universal Principles of Design | Kritina Holden on fine motor skills in space
The Universal Principles of Design provide ways to enhance usability, influence perception, increase appeal, make better design decisions, and teach through design. These key principles are articulated in two books: The Universal Principles of Design (2nd Edition) and The Pocket Universal Principles of Design.
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Kritina Holden on fine motor skills in space

  |   News, Science & Technology

UPOD coauthor Kritina Holden was interviewed on NASA TV’s Space Station Live about her experiments on fine motor skills in microgravity.

From the NASA TV description:

NASA Commentator Dan Huot talks with Dr. Tina Holden, the principal investigator of the Fine Motor Skills experiment, which is looking to quantify how extended exposure to weightlessness impacts an astronaut’s ability to complete tasks. The experiment uses a small computer to test the crew member’s performance on a series of simple tasks to gauge whether or not their fine motor skills have been adversely impacted by their prolonged time on orbit.